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The Concept Of Urology Problems In Small Babies & Treatment

Approved By: Dr. Antony Robert Charles December 14, 2022 | 01:13 pm
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Urology problems in small babies can be both stressful and overwhelming. Thanks to the paediatric urologists at Kinder Hospitals, the team is dedicated to providing infants, pregnant women, and families with expert guidance, diagnosis, treatment, care, and support across a wide range of urology issues in paediatric patients. If you are looking for an advanced urology clinic in KR Puram Bangalore, you’ve found the right place.

When it comes to dealing with babies, you only need highly-trained, experienced, and knowledgeable pediatric surgeons who can deal with everything including the most common urology problems in small babies to complicated urological disorders.

Look for a team of qualified, best pediatric urology surgeons who specialize in helping children of different age groups with various urology issues while offering parents complete support throughout the process.

You need urology paediatric experts who follow a collaborative approach to identify and decide the right course of action to resolve medical problems. Kinder Hospitals is among the top-tiered medical facilities with the best general and paediatric surgeons in Bangalore. They work in close cooperation with parents, medical teams, and other pediatric specialists to ensure the most effective, favorable, and innovative treatment.

Are Urological Problems In Small Babies Common?

After heart defects, urological problems are the most common issues in newborns and small babies. The majority of such problems can be diagnosed during the pregnancy period. This enables the urology paediatric surgeon to identify and intervene fast after birth.

Some urological disorders occur during childhood. Commonly termed as UTI – Urinary tract infections affect a significant figure of children on the global level. Also, urology issues in girls are more common than in boys. Though most cases are not fatal or serious, some UTIs may hint at an abnormality in the baby’s urinary tract. If left untreated or unidentified, it may lead to further acute problems, including kidney infections.

As a parent looking for reliable & experienced paediatric urologists in Bangalore or nearby, understand that figuring out what’s wrong with your baby can be challenging on your own. Even experts need time, checkups, and observation to detect the issue when they only communicate through crying. A fussy or annoyed baby may cry or show discomfort owing to multiple reasons, health problems. These can be common problems like colds and rashes or be a bit more complex to identify than others. For instance, some parents do not even know their babies can have infections in their urinary tract.

Urology problems in small babies are typically caused by bacteria present in the ureters, kidneys, and/or bladder. In some cases, a baby’s body may rid itself of such bacteria. When it can’t, the bacteria start building up and causing the infection. Bacteria and more infection-causing microbes can make their way to a baby’s urinary tract when they have a spoiled diaper on or when they are wiped from back to front with the same cloth/tissue. The expert paediatric urologists in Bangalore suggest parents should ensure good hydration to enable proper urination and maintain hygiene to prevent UTIs in small babies.

Most Common Symptoms Of Urine Blockages In Small Babies

When newborn babies leave the hospital, if they have urine blockage, they may urinate too little or not urinate at all. The doctor or paediatric surgeon should conduct the regular newborn exam, and check for any enlarged kidney or a closed urethra in the urinary tract. If they find it, it may hint at urine blockage. As said above, a urinary blockage is often not identifiable until a child shows symptoms of a UTI, or urinary tract infection.

  • Crying while urinating.
  • Lost appetite or refusing to eat anything.
  • 100.4⁰F fever or above.
  • Vomiting.
  • Bloody smelly, or cloudy urine.
  • Irritability with no known cause.

Common Complications of Urology Problems in Small Babies Before & After Birth

When you bring the baby to a urologist, they will diagnose any defect in the baby’s urinary tract that may be blocking the flow of urine. If the urine flow is blocked, it will build up, back up, and lead to swollen kidneys and ureters. This condition, if worsens, may lead to hydronephrosis or hydroureter.

Hydronephrosis is among the most prevalent urology problems detected during prenatal ultrasound of a baby while in the womb. The paediatric surgeon may easily detect the problem or not see it at all. Hydronephrosis, on the other hand, is a similar problem that can be mild or fatal in nature. However, the status of swelling doesn’t always define a lasting impact on the baby’s health.

Urinary problems can affect the developing kidneys of small babies and lower their ability to filter fluids. In severe cases, where the baby’s bladder has little to no urine, the production of amniotic fluid can be affected to the extent the baby’s lung development is at risk.

After delivery, orology problems or blockage can increase the chances of a UTI. Also, recurring UTIs if left untreated may lead to permanent kidney damage.

The Bottom Line

In the end, if you feel your small baby may have urology problems, don’t delay to visit the best pediatric urology surgeon in Bangalore at Kinder Hospitals. Their caring and skilled staff will instantly collect a baby’s urine sample to check the presence of any bacteria in the urinary tract or signs of infection. If the doctor confirms infection, they may suggest antibiotics, further tests, or a treatment depending on the severity of the case. Your child’s health matters, so ensure you only trust experts and choose an advanced urology clinic for all concerns.

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