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How to Get Pregnant with PCOS?

June 30, 2022 | 06:14 pm
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What is PCOS or PCOD and why should you be concerned?
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOD) is a common condition affecting young girls & women of childbearing age. PCOD is characterized by irregular periods, acne, hair loss & male pattern of hair distribution. In PCOD there will be multiple tiny cysts in the ovary, which are nothing but immature follicular which leads to hormone imbalance and ovulation.

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome is a serious metabolic condition. Along with other symptoms of PCOD, PCOS is also associated with type 2 diabetes, heart problems, and a severe form of infertility. It also carries a mild risk of endometrial cancer in the future.

Symptoms of PCOS:
1) Changes in periods: Abnormal menstruation, absence of menstruation, heavy menstruation, irregular menstruation, short and light menstruation, or spotting.

2) Weight: obesity, overweight, or weight gain

3) Infertility

4) Skin and hair: acne, dark patches or hyperpigmentation of skin in folds and creases, inappropriate male features like growing excess hair, loss of scalp hair, oily skin and more.

PCOS and Fertility:
Presence of immature cysts in the ovary leads to an ovulation. Also there is an increase in the male hormones in women suffering with PCOD. Hence these women suffer from varied degrees of infertility. It may vary from a mild form, which can be treated with life style modification & medication to severe forms which require ART/IVF. To manage the cysts or irregular periods, your doctor can sometimes recommend contraceptives for a short period of time. A hormone profile including FSH, LH, AMH test is recommended, which can help understand the level of female infertility during PCOD. Depending on the severity of PCOD there are many treatment options available.

1) Life Style Modification includes dietary advice & exercise
2) Hormone medications are provided to regularize periods.
3) Fertility treatment options like Laparoscopic ovarian drilling and ovulation induction. IUI (Intrauterine
insemination) IVF – (In vitro fertilization).

Consult your doctor at Kinder Women’s Hospital & Fertility Centre, Bangalore for a complete assessment, medications & care related to PCOD and PCOS

Lifestyle Changes to Heal PCOS and Increase Chances of Pregnancy:
1) Remove sugar: Consuming zero sugar can regulate insulin hormone levels in your body keeping a check on the level of oestrogen.

2) Get rid of processed grains and refined carbs: Practice mindful eating. Avoiding processed grains and refined carbohydrates helps the body recover better. Include proteins, fats, and fiber in your diet to help a speedy recovery. Consult your doctor about the PCOS diet.

3) Exercise: 30-40 minutes of exercise per day is recommended. 5-10% of weight loss will improve symptoms of PCOD

3) Eliminate emotional stress: Regulating insulin and cortisol hormone levels is important. When you do a stressful heavy activity, your cortisol levels rise causing a fight and flight response. This is not doing any good for your PCOS condition because PCOS already causes high cortisol levels. Develop great problem solving techniques to keep emotional stress at bay.

4) Take healthy fats rich in Omega 9 fatty acids: Avocado and olive oil are rich sources of omega 9 fatty acids that support superior endocrine health. Also, these contain hormone balancing minerals like magnesium and potassium and monounsaturated fatty acids.

5) Eat foods with Gamma Linoleic acids (GLA): It is found in oats, barley, spirulina, evening primrose oil, blackcurrant seed oil, borage seed oil and hemp seed oil.

6) Take Omega 3 fatty acids: These help control inflammation in your body.

7) Take healthy saturated fats: Saturated fats sources like ghee, coconut oil, chicken with skin, bone broth can help regulate and balance hormone levels in your body.

The Last Resort:
In case, natural conception does not occur, ART (Artificial Reproductive Technology) is here to help. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), IUI (Intrauterine insemination) are few of the methods to provide relief and help you get pregnant. Consult with your doctor to find your eligibility for such a procedure at Kinder Women’s Fertility Hospital, Bangalore.

PCOD and PCOS are treatable conditions. Lifestyle changes, medications, and laparoscopic ovarian drilling are various modalities to treat this condition. These will help you conceive, if not then, there is still ART technology available. Check your eligibility for PCOS treatment in Bangalore and treat your PCOD, acne, hyperpigmentation, and weight gain. Improve your fertility levels and get pregnant with medical and surgical care at Kinder Women’s Hospital and Fertility Centre, Bangalore. Consult now.

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