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Understanding fibroids in female pregnancy and fertility

September 09, 2022 | 05:48 pm
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The human body is complex and reproduction with safe and successful childbirth is even more challenging. With changing lifestyles, priorities, eating styles, food manufacturing processes, etc. females need to be extra cautious for pregnancy. During the childbearing years of a woman, non-cancerous tumors might develop on the lines of the uterus. These are known as fibroids. Although the majority of these are non-cancerous, ensuring their treatment can ward off the female of the stress and after effects. Experts also suggest that females can bear children while having fibroids, a certain percentage of women cannot conceive due to fibroids. Reports suggest that fibroids are not the primary reason for infertility, however, they may trouble the female while conceiving or during pregnancy.

Amidst all these, know how fibroids can affect your fertility and cause trouble.

1. Location: Inside the uterus, if the location of the tumors affects the gamete transfer, it can be troublesome. Gynecologists are worried if the location of fibroids hinders childbearing.

2. During pregnancy: Even if your doctor finds the tumors to be located at a position that won’t hinder childbearing and birth, its degeneration might cause troubles. It can cause extra blood supply and even miscarriage.

3. Other conditions: Fibroids can cause other conditions like placental abruption, and breech positions which are stressful for the pregnant lady.

Below mentioned are a few tips to ensure safe pregnancy and avoid pain and stress later.

1. Prenatal care: It is advisable to take care of one’s reproductive health in general. While you might think that you are healthy enough to bear a child, it is advisable to consult your gynecologist. A few prenatal examinations, tests, and checks of vitals in the body can help you ensure a safer pregnancy. Not-so-serious conditions like fibroids can help you decide the course of your pregnancy. While women still conceive with fibroids, understanding the nature and degree of fibroids can lessen your pain at a later stage.

2. Pregnancy care: Pregnancy can involve a lot of complications if you do not seek due care and medication. Timely intake of medicines in case of conditions like fibroids, regular checkups, and a healthy diet can help you deliver a healthy baby.

3. Postpartum care: You can maintain your pregnancy health and still the course of events might turn unfavorable. You might undergo a cesarean, and have troubles after pregnancy. In either case, having fibroids increases the risk. So one needs to be mentally prepared for such situations and possibilities.

These were the basic tips as per stages for avoiding stress and pain later due to fibroids. For a safe pregnancy and better women’s health, our team of experienced and specialist doctors is always keen to treat you. Amidst different departments with expert doctors, medical specialists and the right machines can treat you right. You must always get regular checkups from your gynecologist to ensure a safe and stress-free pregnancy. Visit our hospital to know more about such crucial issues.

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