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About Us

About Us

35+ Years of Excellence in Women and Child Care

Kinder Women’s Hospital and Fertility Centre is an international venture with expertise from Singapore and India converging to provide superlative care to women and children’s healthcare.

Kinder is already well known in Kerala and we have now come up with our latest state-of-the-art facility at Mahadevapura, Graphite India Road, Bengaluru
The facility envisaged being a trend-setter in comprehensive women healthcare providing affordable quality services at par with international standards. The research arm comprises high-profile specialties with outstanding international reputations, enabling new technologies to be delivered to our patients.

Our complete care with the finest technology and talent has created hopes and new possibilities for women and children.
We see a world where everybody is in good shape and prepared for every responsibility. Driven by our passion for health and instinct for innovation, we aim to bring inspiration to mothers-to-be and get the right care on time.

At Kinder, we believe that a mom is also along with her child and in this regard, our Obstetrics department ensures that the way to your parenthood is a beautiful and memorable journey. Our team of doctors, nurses, dieticians, yoga therapists and health educators together are always there to meet your needs and assist throughout your pregnancy.


To be an institution recognized with exceptional patient care rendering efficient and reliable health services to women and children.


To make available high quality, personalized care with a specialized and comprehensive range of services, in a cost-effective health care facility in India at par with international standards

Our core values are what stand us
apart in terms of care and more

  • Integrity: We believe in standing true to our best practices and creating a unified community for expert care.
  • Compassion: We understand human care and pain points to help patients heal faster with compassion.
  • Companionship: We strive our best to build a community by providing value to society and long-term companionship. Our care and respect for all create an environment for progressive care for both our team members and patients.
  • Innovation: Applying what we have learned and discovering new things as per the needs of the patients helps us innovate medical care.
  • Healing: Our patients discover their healing and get perfect medical attention in preventive care and therapy.

We Provide All Aspects Of Medical Practice For Your Whole Family!

We will work with you to develop individualized care plans, including the management of chronic diseases. We treat all inquiries sensitively and in the strictest confidence.

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