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About KINDER Medical Group

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Kinder Medical Group, a privately held company, has grown from being one of the largest paediatric groups practicing in Singapore to a regional healthcare company with a focus on women’s and children’s health. Kinder operates in Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India. In India, we have centers in Alappuzha (Cherthala), Kochi, and Bangalore.

Kinder Singapore was founded in 2000 with the focus of Kinder Medical Group (KMG) being planning, designing, building, and setting up hospitals and continuing to own and manage these healthcare investments. We are a paediatric specialist group born in 2000. Over a period of seven years, our one speciality group quickly turned into 6 specialty clinics. We provide a full range of paediatric services from newborn intensive care to general paediatrics to various paediatric subspecialties working out of its various clinic premises as well as all the private hospitals in Singapore. With these hospital investments, KMG also owns and manages medical services in Singapore through Kinder Clinic PTE Ltd.

At Kinder India, we started our Cherthala unit in 2011. Since then, our advanced healthcare has quickly turned us into a leading women’s hospital in the Indian healthcare sector. The Cherthala unit has a quality building with 100 beds capacity with affordable services. We serve patients who need care in Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Reproductive Medicine, Neonatology, Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery. The facility with a fertility centre under the brand Kinder IVF aims to bring the latest ART technologies to Kerala. We founded our Kochi unit in 2018 and started a Mother and Child exclusive care in the same Kochi centre in 2019.

Our Bangalore center is ready to serve you with an exclusive women and child facility for all age groups effective April 2022

Across the years, Kinder Women’s Hospital and Fertility Centre aims to turn into a medical destination – one that believes in nurturing the best talent, innovative technology and research, and an ethically and socially relevant work culture.

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