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Laparoscopy in Little Babies – Everything You Should Know

November 18, 2022 | 07:14 pm

Best paediatric surgery hospital in Mahadevapura

Paediatric surgery has seen a significant increase over the last decade. Out of the most popular paediatric treatments, advanced laparoscopic surgery in little babies has offered parents a viable and effective approach to complete care.

If you are looking for a laparoscopy surgeon in Bangalore or the best paediatric surgery hospital in Mahadevapura, it’s important that you know the scope & benefits of the procedure before proceeding with any choices. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Laparoscopy In Little Babies?

Given the multiple advantages it offers over traditional open procedures, the laparoscopic approach has gained significant applause from parents on a global level. The procedure potentially reduces the stress and fluid shifts that accompany surgery. Apart from it, the procedure reduces the need for postoperative analgesia and lowers complications concerned with postoperative wounds and respiratory complications. Advanced laparoscopic surgery also helps shorten postoperative convalescence. That means, you need a shorter intensive care unit stay; can recover & enjoy a normal diet faster, and get discharged from the hospital sooner.

Laparoscopy in little babies is typically done for different indications. The anaesthesia for this treatment comes with certain challenges that may increase since the patients are infants and babies.

Understanding The Concept Of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Your child’s doctor may consider performing laparoscopic surgery to avoid the need for any major surgery and a prolonged recovery time. For such a procedure, the expert usually inserts little, hollow tubes, that are called cannulas, through narrow incisions (slits) in the baby’s skin. Afterward, the doctor places specific equipment inside the tubes to view and analyze the body before/while operating on the child.

The scope of advanced laparoscopic surgery in the pediatric industry is gaining ground. Laparoscopy in little babies and infants has many known similarities to adult procedures. However, having experience in adult surgery is not sufficient or translates to performing safe surgery in pediatric patients. When performed on babies and infants, the procedure must be executed with a deep understanding of the right anatomic and physiologic differentiators between the adult and pediatric populations. That’s one of the reasons why you should consider only the best • Best paediatric surgery hospital in Whitefield when it comes to laparoscopy in children.

As a parent, you need to consider that not all hospitals specialize in paediatric facilities. Kinder Hospitals is one of the best places for laparoscopic surgery in Bangalore. If you reside in the city or nearby, you can benefit from their advanced treatments, highly-experienced staff, and caring team.

Major Advantages Of Laparoscopic Surgery in Little Babies

If you are wondering why so many parents trust laparoscopic surgeons, here are the reasons:

● Fast recovery.
● Comparatively more aesthetic healing.
● Less pain than open surgery.
● Shorter stay at the hospital.
● Can resume routine life soon after the surgery.
● More effective.

Difference Between Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery In Babies And Adults?

While the purpose remains the same, there are various differences when it comes to performing laparoscopic surgery in babies and adults.

The best laparoscopic surgeons in Bangalore use different equipment for children. Such equipment are usually small in diameter and length given babies are smaller in size.
In kids, there’s less abdominal space to operate so the surgeon must have extensive experience in paediatric laparoscopic surgery to bring favorable results.

When Should You Consider Laparoscopy In Little Babies?

Laparoscopy in little babies can be performed in most conditions. Here’s a list of the surgeries that can be performed using this technique:

Most Common Indications of Laparoscopic Surgery

● Bleeding in stool
● Chronic abdominal pain
● Excision of cysts in the abdomen
● Removal of gallbladder
● Intersex disorders
● Repair of Inguinal hernia
● Ovarian surgery
● Orchidopexy (Non-Palpable Undescended Testis)
● Diagnostic laparoscopy in non-palpable undescended testis
● Removal of kidney and spleen
● Abdominal lymph node biopsy
● Surgery for Malrotation of small bowel
● Ascites due to unknown ethology
● Laparoscopic pull-through for Imperforate anus
● Surgery for Achalasia Cardia
● Nissen Fundoplication
● Appendicectomy
● Nephrectomy, Nephroureterectomy
● Single/multi-stage laparoscopic treatment for Hirschsprung’s illness
● Surgery for Meckel’s diverticulum
● Pyeloplasty, Pyelo & Ureterolithotomy

Indications of Thoracoscopic Surgery

● TEF repair
● Division of PDA and Thymectomy
● Diaphragmatic hernia repair
● Excision of lung cyst
● Empyema surgery
● Lung resection and Lung biopsy
● Esophageal surgery

What Happens After Laparoscopic Surgery?

Once the advanced laparoscopic surgery is over, your baby wakes up in the PACU – Post-Anesthesia Care Unit close to the surgery room. The doctors may keep the baby in the care for 1-2 hours till everything seems fine.

Once the baby recovers from the anesthetic & shows no cautious signs, the doctors will bring back the baby to the hospital room to give essential medicines and fluids including pain medications and antibiotics through intravenous (IV) therapy. Once the baby is capable of sipping the liquids, the doctors may suggest giving pain medication orally.

After all the necessary steps mentioned above are complete, the baby is often included in small activities to trigger the bowels & restore normal breathing and blood circulation.

Now that you know how laparoscopic surgery can be a lifesaver for babies, it’s time to book your appointment at Kinder Hospitals today – the best paediatrician in Bangalore for laparoscopy in little babies. The team here will take care of all your needs & ensure maximum support for you and your child.

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