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Dr. Vedarth Dash

Consultant - Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Vedarth Dash is an experienced and highly-skilled Pediatric Surgeon and Laparoscopic Surgeon. Prior to managing & performing advanced and general surgical procedures on patients, he has trained in apex institutes of the respective fields. In his 9 years of service, he has gained extensive experience in the execution and management of all types of surgical conditions in children & laparoscopic patients. Since his training, Dr. Dash has had a keen interest in bowel and bladder problems of children and has published many recognized international papers on the subject. Apart from surgical procedures, he specializes in the analysis of urological conditions and urodynamic studies.

During his initial surgical training, Dr. Dash received extensive exposure to minimally-invasive surgeries that created a solid foundation for him and helped him become an expert in modern surgical techniques. His laparoscopy, thoracoscopic and vesicoscopic specializations were further honed and reformed during his tenure at PGIMER, Chandigarh under the tutelage of pioneers in the field. He is a specialist in Neonatal surgical intensive care and is fully competent in performing the necessary clinical procedures. Dr. Dash is dedicated to patient care and recovery, for which he ensures consistent monitoring accompanied by a high level of care at every stage. He is cognizant of the latest research and cutting-edge procedures to make his practice evidence-based and useful for the patients. He is additionally a part of ongoing medical education through digital platforms, conferences, and clinical meets, where he actively participates in publications and presentations in the field.

Dr. Dash has been awarded multiple times in the field of surgery for his work, service, and compassion. He received the Best Undergraduate in General Surgery award during his bachelor’s degree. During his post-graduation training at Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, he further received the Gold Medal in Surgery. He has been awarded the prestigious Purushottam-Upadhyay Award for the Best Junior Research Paper by the Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons for his publication on bladder problems in children.

From pre and post-surgical care in pediatric patients and specialized assessment to performing the latest procedures, clinical post-operative care, medications, and regular follow-ups, Dr. Dash is gifted with the skills, knowledge, training, education, and personal interest in the field of pediatric and laparoscopic surgeries.

Your loved ones deserve a surgeon who specializes in the field and is trained extensively to meet their unique needs. Dr. Vedarth Dash understands patients’ concerns and ensures uncompromised medical care whenever they need it.

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Pediatric Surgeon & Laproscopic Surgeon

Training and Qualification:

MBBS, MS (General Surgery), MCH (Pediatric Surgery)


9 years


English, Kannada, Hindi, Punjabi, Odiya, Bengali


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