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Dermatological Treatments During Pregnancy: Safe Solutions for Common Concerns

April 16, 2024 | 11:20 am

During your pregnancy, it is important to be mindful that you are nurturing your little one inside you. Pregnancy care has a direct impact on your baby during these 9 months.

Hormonal fluctuations during your pregnancy can lead to several changes in your body. These changes can sometimes lead to outbursts of certain skin ailments.

We also understand the importance of looking your best during your pregnancy; therefore skin care becomes an integral part of your pregnancy care.

However, because you are pregnant you may not be able to use your daily creams or over-the-counter ointments to retain your skins glow or for the treatment of certain skin conditions.

A good dermatologist will advise you on the best skincare routine during your pregnancy.

Why you must use dermatologist-certified skin care products during pregnancy

The skin absorbs certain ingredients present in creams and ointments. These absorbed ingredients can directly reach your baby. Therefore it is important to ensure the use of only safe products during your pregnancy.

Although many creams may be safe to use, it is advisable to visit a skin specialist to ensure the best and safest skin care solutions during your pregnancy.

Common skin problems during pregnancy

Skin-related issues during pregnancy are a common issue. Some of the most common pregnancy skin problems are

• Stretch marks
• Loss of hair
• Dry Skin
• Pigmentation or skin darkening
• Varicose veins among others.

The best dermatologist will be able to treat these skin-related problems to a great extent.

skin specialist in Whitefield Bangalore

What ingredients should you avoid in your skincare products?

Your dermatologist will prescribe only safe skin products during your pregnancy. It is also advisable to read all the ingredients on the products you use and avoid certain components that are harmful to your baby during pregnancy.

Here are some ingredients you must avoid:


Usually, Minoxidil, which is used in the treatment of hair loss, is not recommended for pregnant mothers.


Hydroquinone is used in skin-lightening treatments or for the treatment of freckles and pigmentation. Skin specialists in Bangalore will not recommend the use of hydroquinone during pregnancy.

Research has shown that about 35-40% of hydroquinone is absorbed by the skin and may harm the fetus. Therefore pregnant and breastfeeding women must avoid using creams and lotions containing Hydroquinone.


Retinoids are artificially manufactured vitamin A, used in the treatment of cystic acne. Oral consumption of drugs or the application of lotions containing retinoids may lead to congenital disabilities in the foetus and must be avoided by pregnant or lactating mothers.

Safe ingredients to use during pregnancy

Pregnancy care not only implies the care you provide your baby throughout your pregnancy but also includes self-care.

It is important to care for your appearance and physical and mental well-being in your pregnancy. Derma care during your pregnancy plays a vital role in your well-being.

Visit the best dermatologist to ensure that all your skin care products are safe to use. Your skin specialist will make certain that the allopathic products you use for your skin do not contain unsafe ingredients.

Application of lotions and creams that contain natural ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter, aloe vera or shea butter are safe to use for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.


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