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The Process of IUI: Step-by-Step Guide to Fertility Treatment in Bangalore

Approved By: Dr. Chandana Narayana April 11, 2024 | 10:31 am

Parenthood is a wonderful experience. It is the simple pleasure of watching your little one blossom into a unique personality.

However, for some, the process of pregnancy may not come naturally. They may require external support using medical intervention like intrauterine insemination.

Before we guide you through the process of IUI or intrauterine insemination, you must understand what it is and what it means to undergo an IUI procedure in Bangalore.

What is intrauterine insemination?

IUI or intrauterine insemination is an infertility treatment. Here, a male sperm is prepared and directly placed in the uterus, to further the chances of a viable pregnancy. This process is also called artificial insemination.

When do you opt for IUI?

There are many reasons why couples or women opt for IUI treatment in Bangalore.
• Infertility issues in couples
• Low sperm count
• Severe endometriosis
• Damaged Fallopian tubes
• Single parent
• Ovulatory dysfunction or other issues.

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How does the IUI procedure work?

Although the final insemination procedure is quick and painless, the process of preparing for IUI treatment in Bangalore involves certain key stages:

Ovulation observation

Timing plays an important role in this process of infertility treatment. The most fertile period in the female’s ovulation cycle is the best time for an IUI procedure.

Your gynecologist or infertility specialist in Bangalore may also prescribe medication or administer injections to increase the number of eggs during your ovulation cycle. These medications may improve the chances of fertilization in the uterus.

Sperm wash

Another important stage in the IUI procedure in Bangalore is the washing and preparation of the sperm.
The purpose of washing the sperm is to separate the healthy sperm from the low-quality ones. Also, during this process, the sperm is separated from the seminal fluid. Introducing only healthy and active sperm enhances the likelihood of pregnancy.

Introducing the sperm

The next procedure is the introduction of the sperm into the uterus for fertilization. The IUI procedure should take place immediately after the sperm is prepared.

The healthy sperms are directly introduced into the uterus with the help of a fine tube or catheter. This provides a greater chance of the sperm reaching the eggs and fertilizing them.

Post IUI procedure

The whole procedure of artificially inseminating the sperm into the ovulating female does not take much time and as a result, does not require hospital admission.

The doctor may also prescribe medications and a change in diet to promote fertility. Research shows the positive impact of a nutritional diet on female fertility.

Results of IUI treatment

Generally, two weeks after the intrauterine insemination, a pregnancy test will be done. You can do the pregnancy test at home.

However, pregnancy tests at home may also result in false positive or false negative results. Therefore, it is better to visit your infertility specialist in Bangalore, for a more reliable confirmation.

Your doctor will conduct a blood test to confirm if you are pregnant and if the IUI treatment was successful or not.

If your results are negative, do not lose heart. You can repeat the IUI procedure multiple times before you move on to other methods of infertility treatment at the best fertility treatment hospital in Bangalore.


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