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Spotting Early Signs: A Guide to When and Why You Should See a Developmental Pediatrician

Approved By: Dr. Leenatha Reddy N March 18, 2024 | 03:57 pm

Watching your child grow in front of your eyes is one of the most delightful experiences for a parent. From an infant to a child and then through adolescence and a young adult, all these stages are a pleasure to watch. However, when some or all milestones are not achieved at a particular stage, or there is a significant delay in the development, it is advisable to visit a developmental pediatrician in Bangalore.

Who is a developmental pediatrician?

A developmental pediatrician is a highly qualified child specialist who specializes in behavioral patterns and development issues in children. These pediatricians can evaluate and manage early signs of developmental issues in children and advise timely and appropriate treatment.

When should you visit a developmental child specialist?

Always remember that every child is different. All children will cross different milestones at different times. However, if your child lags in development by a significant period, you must visit a good developmental pediatrician in Bangalore.

Knowing that your child needs professional developmental care gives the child a better chance to overcome these issues. However, as a new parent, you might be uncertain about what to expect. So, here is a guide to when you should see a behavioral and developmental children specialist.

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Emotional interactions

As your child grows, he/she will develop emotional responses like expressions of joy, crying or simple sounds. Visit the best pediatrician in Whitefield Bangalore, if you feel your child does not express timely and appropriate emotions.

Visible milestones

By one year of age, your baby should typically be able to crawl, sit, attempt to stand and make intelligible sounds.

By two, you can expect that your child will hold crayons and scribble, understand small instructions and speak short comprehensible words.

These are some of the early visible milestones to watch out for. If your child does not achieve the target milestones in a considerable timeline then it is a good idea to look out for a premier child hospital in Bangalore for early advice and intervention.

Cognitive developments

Watch out for early signs of cognitive development in your child. Cognitive developments refer to intellectual activities like memory, reasoning and thinking. If you think your child has attention problems, speech difficulty or inability to understand consequences and similar issues, your child might need timely intervention like speech therapy and counseling from specialized pediatricians.

Do not ignore these early signs. Visit the best pediatrician in Whitefield for prompt intervention. Early detection and treatment of child development issues can considerably minimize its adverse effects.

Why should you visit a developmental child specialist?

Development and behavioral pediatricians are professionally trained to assess, gauge and advice parents on the way forward. With the help of these specially trained pediatricians, you can treat developmental issues with remarkable results and outcomes.


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