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Advancements in Neonatal Surgery: Insights from Bangalore’s Leading Pediatric Surgeons

Approved By: Dr. Sushanth Shivaswamy May 10, 2024 | 12:19 pm

Neonatology or the medical care for newborns with health conditions has reached a high level of sophistication. With better medical facilities, advancements in technology and highly qualified neonatologists in Bangalore, it is now possible to perform complex fetal and neonatal surgeries. Research shows the pivotal role of pediatricians in detecting and treating neonatal congenital anomalies.

Paediatric surgeries in Bangalore are not new. However, the new level of advancement in the field of pediatric surgery has reached an exponential degree. So much so, that infants diagnosed with life-threatening diseases, physical impediments or ailments from birth can be successfully treated and survive to lead a perfectly normal life.

Advancements in diagnostics

The high success rate of neonatal surgery today is due to the development of fetal and post-natal diagnostics. Advanced fetal and post-natal diagnostics makes it possible to detect conditions before and after birth. Here are a few advancements in diagnostics and neonatal care that have contributed to the advancements in neonatology in Bangalore.

3D/ 4D imaging

The development of 3D and 4D scans in India allows the best pediatric surgeons in Bangalore to obtain real-time pictures and videos of your baby in the womb. These scans are important to detect any complications like cleft lip, musculoskeletal issues, or any congenital disabilities in the fetus. Consequently, these scans allow pediatricians to make early life-saving decisions.

Fetal echocardiography

With the development of fetal echocardiography, child specialists in Bangalore are now able to detect the condition of the heart of the developing baby in the womb. The information from fetal echocardiography allows healthcare professionals to perform fetal surgeries. It also helps to prepare for immediate medical action after the birth of the newborn.

Blood sampling

Neonatal care centres carry out blood sampling tests to test the newborn baby’s blood for any deficiency.

These are just some of the numerous diagnostic tests that help the best paediatric surgeons in Bangalore provide advanced care to newborn babies.

neonatologist in Bangalore

Advanced pediatric surgery in Bangalore

The advancements in technology and the rapid development of healthcare systems have made it possible for pediatricians to perform complex surgeries on newborns. Thereby, offering a better quality of life for infants and new parents. With sophisticated medical facilities, well experienced pediatric surgeons can now perform intrinsic surgeries on fragile newborn babies:

Blocks in the intestine 

The best pediatric surgeons in Bangalore are now able to treat blockages in the intestine in newborn babies. An appropriate diagnosis of the cause and type of blockage will allow the pediatrician to take the best intervention plan.

Anorectal malformations

It is also possible for paediatricians to perform minimally invasive surgeries to correct anorectal malformations like the anus and rectum of the newborn has not developed properly.

Neonatal respiratory issues

Neonatologists can now treat neonatal respiratory issues like respiratory distress syndrome effectively and efficiently. Advanced, medical procedures and equipment like nasal cannula, continuous positive airway pressure or intubation have helped newborn babies suffering from RDS overcome breathing difficulties.

Congenital heart surgeries

With fetal anomaly detection becoming more advanced with time, abnormalities in the heart like holes in the heart chambers, blocked vessels or arteries, and ventricle heart defects can be detected early allowing paediatricians to perform safe surgeries on newborn babies.

Neonatal surgeries range from minimally invasive surgeries to more complex surgeries like surgeries for the lungs and heart. It is always advisable to consult only the best pediatric surgery hospital in Bangalore for safe fetal and pediatric care.


At Kinder Women’s Hospital and Fertility Centre in Whitefield, we perform complex and intrinsic neonatal surgeries and medical procedures. Thereby providing a chance for newborn babies with complicated health issues to lead a healthy and normal life.

Advanced care at Kinder Women’s Hospital and Fertility Centre in Bangalore offers a range neonatal care services:

  • Preterm care of extremely low birth of babies
  • High-Risk Newborn care
  • Respiratory Distress Syndrome
  • Meconium Aspiration Syndrome
  • Neonatal Seizures
  • Perinatal infections
  • Neonatal Sepsis
  • Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia
  • Exchange Transfusion/Phototherapy
  • HFOV/Invasive/Non-Invasive Ventilations
  • C-Pap/HFNC
  • Perinatal Asphyxia /HIE
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Neonatal Surgical Emergencies
  • Neonatal Nutrition
  • ROP Screening
  • Follow-up of High-Risk Babies
  • BPD (Bronchopulmonary dysplasia)\Feeding issues
  • NEC
  • Feed Intolerance/GE Reflex
  • Breast Feeding/Lactation Counselling
  • Bleeding Disorders of Newborn
  • Neonatal Skin Care
  • Developmentally Supportive Care
  • Postnatal Care/Neonatal Newborn care/Immunization
  • Prenatal Counselling

At Kinder Women’s Hospital and Fertility Centre we operate a level III NICU for the critical care of premature newborn babies and babies with complex birth issues.

We have the best pediatric surgeons in Bangalore who are well-experienced and highly qualified to treat a wide range of pediatric disorders including birth trauma and neonatal infections.

Kinder Women’s Hospital and Fertility Centre is the best hospital for child care in Bangalore. Our specialty departments and superior medical support have made us a top choice for neonatology in Bangalore.

Apart from sophisticated health care, we offer reliable care and emotional support for new parents. We make them feel comfortable and informed at every level.

At Kinder Women’s Hospital and Fertility Centre, we believe in providing quality health care for all. That is why our healthcare packages are affordable and economical. We are the leading women’s and children’s hospital in Whitefield Bengaluru.

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