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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Essentials: A Guide for Parents

Approved By: Dr. Shilpa Pandya March 29, 2024 | 06:00 pm

Sometimes a pregnancy may not go according to plan. High-risk pregnancies, premature deliveries or babies born with particular medical conditions, all require the best neonatal intensive care.
If your newborn baby needs intensive care, the process can be quite stressful for the new parents. However, learning what to expect while your baby is in a neonatal intensive care unit can help you relieve your stress to a great extent.

What is a newborn intensive care unit?

A neonatal intensive care unit or NICU as it is commonly called is a department in a hospital that provides critical care to premature babies or babies born with severe medical conditions.
The NICU provides 24/7 critical care to infants and the best neonatologist in Bangalore will be assigned for the care of your baby.

What can you expect while your baby is in neonatal care?

• Firstly, while your baby is in the NICU, you can be rest assured that your baby is in good hands. Remember, your neonatologist in Bangalore is committed to providing the best possible treatment for your baby.
• The neonatal intensive care unit in the hospital is a highly sterile zone. This prevents the spread of infections.
• A team of professional doctors and healthcare givers will closely monitor your baby’s health and development. Your pediatrician will give you prompt updates regarding the health of your baby.
• The duration of stay in a NICU depends on the complexity of the case.

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How to help your baby in the critical care unit

Your baby’s critical condition can improve with the love and affection of the parents. Believe it or not, your baby can sense your stress and anxiety.

If your doctor permits, try to have skin-to-skin contact with your baby. Also known as Kangaroo care, skin-to-skin touch poses several benefits for the baby and mother. Research shows that kangaroo care can be an effective intervention to reduce parental and infant stress in the Neonatal critical care Unit.

How to deal with the stress of having your baby in a newborn intensive care unit?

The joy of delivering your baby may turn out to be stressful if your newborn requires critical care. However, learning mechanisms to cope with this stress can ease your tensions.

Here’s what you can do if your baby is in a newborn intensive care unit:

• Most importantly, familiarize yourself with the medical condition of your baby. It is important to know the circumstances and background of your baby’s health. Your knowledge in this regard will go a long way in nurturing your baby back to health.
• Although, in some cases, the developments or milestones may be slow, it is important to acknowledge all these milestones and express your happiness with each visible improvement in your baby’s condition.
• Speak to your doctor and address all your concerns. Do not hesitate to ask any question. After all, you have nurtured your baby inside you, all these months.


It is important to look for a level 3 NICU hospital near Whitefield Bangalore for comprehensive critical care for your baby.

Kinder Women’s Hospital and Fertility Centre in Bangalore has one of the most advanced level 3 NICUs in Whitefield Bangalore. Our NICU, provides specialized intensive care, including performing surgeries on babies born before the gestational period.

Our team of highly qualified neonatologists in Bangalore are experts providing round-the-clock critical aid for newborn babies requiring specialized care.

We have a state-of-the-art department of neonatology in Bangalore, providing complete support to you and your baby throughout the journey of pregnancy and delivery.

At Kinder Women’s Hospital and Fertility Centre, we have a dedicated team of professionals. We provide extensive support of newborns and new parents.

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