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Screen Time and Brain Development: Understanding the Impact on Young Minds

Approved By: Dr. Sampat Kumar Shettigar June 13, 2024 | 12:35 pm

Although advancements in technology have improved education and learning, it has not come without a flip side. The impact of excessive screen time has negatively affected brain development and social skills among children. Child specialists in Bangalore are increasingly dealing with brain development issues in children due to the adverse effects of these technological advancements.

The unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic also added to the already prevailing problem of excessive screen activity. It is safe to say that the pandemic led to rapid digital stimulation among children in India and around the world. Consequently, this has led to an increase in related health risks.

A recent case study shows a rise in behavioral issues, sleeping disorders, and other health risks among children as a direct consequence of excessive screen media activity.

Effect on Brain Development

Child hospitals in Bangalore are dealing with a rise in brain developmental issues among children. Undeniably, this is a clear result of excessive screen time.

Studies reveal the adverse impact of unmonitored screen time on the cognitive abilities of young minds. Fine motor skills, memory, processing skills, logic, and reasoning are just some of the cognitive skills that remain underdeveloped due to excessive screen time among children.

Also, what is alarming is the emerging evidence showing certain structural changes in the brain due to screen media activity from a young age. In fact, studies reveal unmonitored screen time amongst children leads to lower development in the brain’s white matter. This directly impacts the development of language, cognitive skills, and literacy among children.

It is important to visit a developmental pediatrician at the earliest if you feel your child is showing signs of any cognitive disability.

Impact on physical health

survey shows that children as young as 6 months are exposed to mobile phone screens. Exposure to mobile phones and tabs at a young age, unquestionably leads to screen addiction.

Children are now addicted to gadgets and screens, leading to a sedentary lifestyle. This physical inactivity directly leads to serious health conditions like eating disorders, obesity, and disturbed sleep patterns. Also, other medical issues like weak vision and poor posture contribute to the poor physical health of children.

Effect on Social Skills and Psychology

Child specialists in Bangalore are repeatedly sounding the alarm bells warning parents and caretakers of the negative impact of excessive screen time on the social skills as well as the psychology of children.

Excessive screen time triggers the desire to lead secluded lifestyles. Screen time also reduces social interactions, limits outdoor play, and hinders imaginative thought in young minds.

Consult a good pediatric hospital in Bangalore that can help you wean your child off addictive screen time and also help you encourage your child to socialize and interact with the community.

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