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Choosing the Right Infertility Clinic in Bangalore: Factors to Consider and Questions to Ask

Approved By: Dr. Chandana Narayana May 28, 2024 | 03:01 pm

The journey of motherhood from conception to birth and thereafter is a wonderful experience. However, sometimes many women may experience difficulties in conceiving a baby naturally. At this time, you may want to look for the best infertility hospital in Bangalore to help you conceive a baby and start your journey of motherhood.

Bangalore, being a hotspot for medical tourism has several infertility hospitals claiming to be the best in the field. So, how do you choose the best infertility clinic in Bangalore?

While selecting the best infertility hospital in Bangalore, it is advisable to follow this recommended checklist.  This way you can ensure that you receive the best possible services when it comes to infertility treatment.

The success rate of infertility cases in the hospital

One of the main factors to consider while selecting a hospital for your IVF treatment in Bangalore is the success rate of infertility cases in the hospital.

The better statistics mean that the hospital has a good reputation when it comes to offering the best treatment plans for infertility. It is a good idea to speak to parents who have successfully undergone fertility treatment in the hospital. This way, you will be able to receive first-hand experience about the hospital’s infertility specialists and facilities. Thereby, allowing you to make a more profound decision while deciding the best fertility clinic in Bangalore for your treatment.


Health care is an ever-evolving field. New methods of treatment are being developed at a rapid pace. Always select a hospital that offers advanced infertility treatment. The adoption of the latest medical technology in IVF treatment boosts the success rate.

Experience of doctors

Another important factor before selecting the best infertility clinic is to consider the experience of the infertility specialist in Bangalore. Highly qualified and well-experienced infertility experts will guide you better on the treatment plan that works best for you.

Hospital facilities

The hospital you choose for your fertility treatment in Bangalore must offer state-of-the-art facilities to make your journey from conception to delivery smooth and hassle-free. A good IVF lab with well-qualified IVF specialists and embryologists is what you must look out for when selecting a good infertility hospital in Bangalore.

Select a hospital that has the best emergency and neonatal care facilities. Also, ensure that the hospital you choose is forthcoming and encourages open and easy communication between the patient and the doctor.

Costs and affordability

It is always helpful to know the cost of the treatment beforehand. This way you can plan your expenses ahead of time. The cost of IVF treatments in Bangalore may vary considerably.
Hospitals offer different medical packages and treatment plans to patients. It is advisable to choose a hospital that offers transparency in services and medical treatment at affordable rates.

Counseling sessions

It is important for women who undergo IVF treatment to understand the implications of the treatment. That is why the woman and her family members must be counseled from time to time to ensure emotional balance during the treatment.

Therefore, always choose a hospital that has an in-house counselor for the benefit of patients and family members.

Questions to ask the fertility clinic on your first visit

If you are visiting a fertility clinic for the first time, you may have several doubts regarding the treatment. Do not hesitate to ask any of your questions. Here is a list of questions you can ask your infertility specialist on your first visit.

  • What is the success rate of infertility treatment in the hospital?
  • How well experienced are the doctors and staff to handle infertility cases?
  • Is the hospital equipped to handle fragile births and premature deliveries?
  • What is the time duration of IVF treatment?
  • Ask for a complete breakdown of expenses that you might incur during your treatment.
  • Is there an age limit to undergo the IVF procedure?
  • Enquire about the latest technology in infertility treatments and ask about the facilities the hospital offers.
  • Does the hospital offer all fertility services under one roof? This question is very important because you do not want to end up running from pillar to post for scans, tests, and expert opinions. You must ensure that the hospital offers all these services under its roof.


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