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Dr. Abhishek Pasari

Consultant - Counselling Psychologist

OPD – Day and Timing: Tuesday and Thursday 10:30AM to 12:30PM

Welcome to the world of transformative well-being, where Dr. Abhishek Pasari, a distinguished Counselling Psychologist and Life Relationship Coach, paves the way for holistic mental health.With a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and over 15 years of enriching experience, Dr. Abhishek is proficient in English and Hindi, offering his expertise at the Outpatient Department on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

Dr. Abhishek’s journey is rooted in the firm belief that every individual possesses the innate power to shape their destiny. His commitment to mental health extends beyond clinical practice to encompass insightful books on parenting and the establishment of My Shishu, a groundbreaking parent-tech platform. At My Shishu, Dr. Abhishek empowers parents with knowledge, support, and a compassionate community, fostering growth and resilience. His expertise spans the realms of pregnancy, parenting, and life relationship coaching, creating a sacred space for families to thrive. Embarking on a mission fueled by passion and purpose, Dr. Abhishek  guides individuals towards self-discovery, resilience, and holistic well-being.

His vision is a world where every person has the tools to navigate life’s challenges with grace and purpose. Central to his mission is the transformation of parenthood, where My Shishu becomes a supportive ecosystem. Here, knowledge meets compassion, and the journey of raising a child transforms into a joyous exploration. Dr. Abhishek believes in rewriting the narrative of mental health, parenting, and human connection. Embark on a journey with Dr. Abhishek, a seasoned Counselling Psychologist and Life Relationship Coach, as he brings together his extensive experience in Clinical Psychology to guide individuals towards self-discovery and resilience.

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Counselling Psychologist

Training and Qualification:

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology


16 years


English and Hindi


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