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Breaking Barriers: How Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery is Transforming Women’s Healthcare

Approved By: Dr. Yasmin Imdad March 14, 2024 | 12:28 pm

The medical sector is witnessing continuous transformation in the field of women’s healthcare. The introduction of minimally invasive gynecologic surgery has revolutionized the medical management of women-related health issues.

Gynecologic minimally invasive surgery has become the standard of care for most gynecological and obstetric procedures. Gynecologists in Bangalore are now opting for these minimally invasive surgeries because of the numerous benefits it offers patients.

minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon

Key Benefits of gynecologic minimally invasive surgery

Minimal loss of blood

Traditional gynaec surgeries required surgeons to make deep incisions that resulted in excessive blood loss.
However, with the new minimally invasive surgeries like laparoscopic ovarian drilling, surgeons can apply heat or laser to the ovaries through a camera inserted through a small cut below the belly button, to improve ovulation in women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome or similar problems.

Reduced chances of post-operative complications

Traditional myomectomy procedures to remove uterine fibroids were long and complex. Women were also subject to post-operative complications that were difficult to manage. However, gynecological minimally invasive surgeries like laparoscopic myomectomy have minimized the possibility of post-operative complications for women.

Speedy recovery

A minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon ensures that there is only a small incision to the skin. Therefore women can recover faster after such procedures. Bigger incisions take a longer time to heal.

Shorter period of hospitalization

It is a given that early recovery indicates faster discharge from the hospital. Women who undergo these keyhole procedures recover faster and are discharged earlier than traditional gynaec surgeries.

Pain Management

Laparoscopic or keyhole surgeries are less painful than conservative gynecological operations.

Affordable procedures

Keyhole procedures like laparoscopic ovarian drilling and laparoscopic myomectomy are relatively less expensive than open surgeries, given the quicker recovery period and shorter duration of stay in hospitals.

Reduced scarring

Keyhole surgeries offer aesthetic benefits to women by providing zero or minimum scarring on the skin. Women who undergo open surgeries are likely to end up with large scars caused by incisions on the body. However, with minimally invasive gynecological surgeries there is a reduced chance of scarring because incisions, if any, are small and negligible.

Psychological benefits

Minimally invasive surgeries also have a positive impact on the psychology of patients. Affordable costs, minimized pain, speedy recoveries and shorter hospital stays, all translate into a positive mindset for patients. Women can get back to their routines and their loved ones faster.

These keyhole surgeries have transformed women’s health care. It not only provides improvement in patient results but has also considerably reduced medical costs for patients. This state-of-the-art development in women’s wellness is a game changer for women in Bangalore.


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