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Preventing Ear infections in Kids: Tips from a Paediatric ENT specialist

Approved By: Dr. Sunitha Madhavan February 13, 2024 | 03:54 pm

Ear infections are a common problem in infants and adolescents. They can be very painful and irritating. What’s worse is that sometimes infants are unable to explain the source of pain and end up wailing inconsolably. It is also difficult for parents to identify an ear infection until it’s too late. Moreover, ear infection treatment may take up to 2 or 3 days, causing continued discomfort to the child.

As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure,” it is always better to learn ways to prevent an ear infection. Before we delve into a few preventive tips, we must be aware of the common causes of ear infections in children.

Ear infections can be classified into these broad categories

● Acute Otitis Media (infection of the middle ear)
● Otitis Media with effusion (infection of the middle ear with accumulation of fluid)
● Otitis Externa or swimmers’ ear (inflammation of the external ear canal)
● Chronic otitis media safe type and another with cholesteatoma

While there can be numerous causes of ear infections among children, we can summarize some of the most common causes and discuss a few effective tips to prevent them.

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Causes for ear infection

• Respiratory tract infections among other causes
• Overcrowding
• Parental smoking
• Pollution
• Exclusive Bottle feeding
• Probing the ear with pin, buds and injuring the ear
• Moisture in ear leads to fungal infection

The best paediatric ENT specialists in Bangalore can effectively treat ear infections quickly. Ear infection treatment may involve administering antibiotics or pain relief medication among other methods of treatment. Many times, pediatric ENT surgeons perform intricate medical procedures if the ear infection is chronic. The treatment depends purely on the diagnosis.

Here are some ways you can prevent ear infections in infants and children

Avoid bottle feeding

A good paediatric ENT doctor in Bangalore will reiterate the importance breast feeding.

Improve air quality around the child

Several research articles have been published documenting the evidence supporting the association between air pollution and the high risk of ear infection in children.

Although it may seem almost impossible to always ensure clean air around your child, you can make sure that there are no smokers in the vicinity of your child. A little help can go a long way when it comes to the health of your child.

Vaccinations and immunizations

Get your child regularly vaccinated at the best children’s specialty hospital. Administering prescribed immunizations ensures that your child is protected against certain viruses that may lead to ear infections.

Use of ear plugs or protective ear mufflers

Take necessary precautions while going out during winter season, as there is winter flu caused by certain viruses and bacteria. Swimmers can also make use of earplugs before entering water.


Ear infections can be awfully painful for the child. Whether it is an infection of the middle ear or a swimmer’s ear, the pain is definite. Kinder Hospital, known as one of the top children’s specialty hospitals in Bangalore, offers the most comprehensive treatments for ear infections in children by leading paediatric ENT specialists in Bangalore.

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